Alpha Returns to St. James

Last fall, St James ran a program called Alpha.  It is a tool designed to encourage a relationship with Christ and a relationship with each other in our parish community. It was a huge success and this September we will be running the program again. 

It will run over 12 weeks meeting weekly on Mondays  (beginning
September 11th) from 7-9 pm. At about the halfway mark, we go on an overnight retreat at The Seminary of the Immaculate Conception in Huntington which focuses on the Holy Spirit. 

Every Monday, we gather together, share meal, and watch a video on specific topics such as:                                                

 "Who Is Jesus?”

“Why Did Jesus Die?”

”Why and How Do I Pray?”

“Why and How Should I Read the Bible?”

After the video, we share in a discussion and dessert. Not only did we experience a deepening in our Catholic faith and with Jesus Christ, but our relationships with each other grew as well.  We made new friends and have become more involved in our parish community.

The weekly sessions are free. The retreat, which is optional, costs $90.

For more information and registration, please contact:
Barbara Jaeckel @
516-313-4029, email:
Roni Groth @
631-327-5395, email: