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Fr. Jim's Homilies

Fr. Jim's Homilies

Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time July 12,2020

Posted by St. James Parish Catherine Horgan on 7/18/20

Fr. Jim homily Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time July 12, 2020

Despite the obvious failures, the parable assures us God is at work- and if God is at work, there is Hope and in that Trust of Hope there is the illogical but certain bounty of a harvest beyond ... Read More »

Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time June 28, 2020

Posted by St. James Parish Catherine Horgan on 6/28/20

This weekend we begin our return to Sunday gatherings as a family of faith, the Body of Jesus, through our baptism into His death, to share our Sunday table and the meal of our Lord's Body and Blood.

It has been some time for us to break bread together, ... Read More »

Palm Sunday

Posted by St. James Parish Catherine Horgan on 4/27/20

Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion … this year there is greater starkness than ever before … but perhaps the healthcare crisis is challenging us to realize the daily reality of the crucifixions, betrayals, tortures, dismissals of the Jesus in disguise, in our neighbor, stranger, enemy … around the world.

An event, seemingly so singular and insignificant about a rabbi from Galilee, unfolding in Jerusalem of Judea, being condemned to death on a cross under the Roman governor Pontius Pilate … spread in a few life times to the whole world; and it was never the same again.  Like this pandemic, from the hinterland of China, to the rest of Asia, to Europe, the Middle East, to the Americas, Africa, Oceania … in a matter of months, to the whole world- will we ever be the ... Read More »

April 26 Easter 3 Homily

Posted by St. James Parish Catherine Horgan on 4/27/20

Easter 3 April 26, 2020 Homily (Fr. Jim)

Emmaus … the journey and the choice between despair and hope …

With the death of Jesus their world collapsed.  Walking away from Jerusalem they were also walking away from their dreams.  They were going back into darkness, they were returning ... Read More »


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