Knights of Columbus 2018 Family and Friends Raffle

Consider joining the 2019 The Family and Friends Raffle, sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, to support our Council’s numerous religious, social and outreach programs. In 2017, we were able to pay out a total of $7,500 to over 30 winners (about two-thirds of our raffle income). 

Participants may include family or friends at least 18 years of age.The raffle will functior with one ticket purchase of $30 offering the chance of winning at least 20 times ($500 or $100 or both).

  • Typically, on the second Wednesday of each month (beginning in March and continuing through December 2018), we will draw winning tickets (one for $500 and at least one other for $100, depending on total sales).
  • Even if you are a winner, your numbered ticket will still be eligible for all subsequent drawings.

As was the case last year, our goal is to sell at least 300 tickets (we sold 385 in 2017).

NOTE that if we have more than 300 sold tickets, it will trigger additional bonus drawings of $500 worth of prizes for every 25 participants over the 300 number.  So … the more the merrier!


Tickets will be sold after Masses or contact Jack Simpson for tickets at 631-981-6389.


All entries received before March 1 will be entered into the March and subsequent drawings

If you’d like to purchase more than one ticket, or if there are family members or friends at least 18 years of age who are interested in becoming part of the fun, we will be happy to provide additional tickets.