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Funeral Arrangements & Cemetery Regulations

Funeral Arrangements:

Please accept our deepest condolences and sorrow at the death of your loved one. The Parish of St. James is here to help in any way we can at this time of pain and confusion. The members of our Ministry of Consolation along with the Pastoral Staff are there to help you in any way possible in the days ahead.  Please know that we would look upon it as a great honor to be of service to you and your family.

We welcome your participation in the preparation and celebration of your loved one’s funeral Mass.  If you desire, you may select the readings, which can be found in this booklet, Funeral Selection Book  for the funeral Mass. You can also find an interview you can fill in about your loved one so we can better honor your loved one, Funeral Selection Sheet for Families. Please read this booklet for more guidelines on the Mass and if you have any other questions, please contact us. 


Cemetery Regulations: Seasonal Decorations and Plantings

General clean-up of all sections takes place periodically throughout the year. During these times, all grave planting and decorating violations are subject to removal. The placement of all items is regulated for the common good of all owners. No placed item is permanent to the site. Potted plants are permitted to be placed on graves. Cut flowers are permitted when placed in an approved container in the planting area.

Out of sight flush flower vases may be used for this purpose. From our past experience, inclement weather, burial activity and other types of ground maintenance can (and do) change the best plans for plant and decoration clean-ups.

Holiday Placement of Decorations Removal of Decorations
Valentine's Day February 7th February 25th
St. Patrick’s March 9th March 25th
Palm/Easter Sunday after March 17th April 15th
Mother’s Day May 11th June 1st
Father’s Day June 9th June 24th
Independence Day June 27th July 12th
All Hollows October 24th November 7th
Thanksgiving Day November 21st December 5th
Christmas December 10th January 15th

Cemetery grounds regulations are enforced daily.

With the Spring thaw, with milder temperatures and dry weather, thus dryer soil conditions, and the opportunity for pre-seeding clean up, the cemetery may frequently enforce rules and regulations to prepare the grounds for a Spring Season’s soil aeration, fertilization, and/or seed work. The weather conditions dictate when the work is scheduled.

In late August with cooler night temperature, as (Labor Day approaches, through mid October (Columbus Day), the Fall fertilization and seeding clean up will commence. The cemetery may frequently enforce rules and regulations to prepare the grounds for a Fall Season’s soil placement, fertilization, and pre-winter seed work. The weather conditions dictate when the work is scheduled.

Any item placed in violation of the planting and decorating regulations is subject to removal and disposal without notice or compensation.
Permitted items are subject to removal and disposal without notice or compensation when such items are damaged, unsightly, out of season, or placed outside of the permitted planting and decorating areas.

Where permitted, items are at times removed from their from their property placed locations to accommodate burial activity, foundation and monument work, or other maintenance related activity for this lot or for several lots in the immediate area of the work. These items (including approved floral holders.) should be clearly marked with the cemetery location (Section-Range-Lot #).

Because the cemetery grounds are open to the public, we cannot guarantee items from damage or disappearance. Any item placed at the burial site should be considered at risk for a loss.

We are grateful to Peter Ryan, Director of the Diocese of Rockville Centre Cemetery for supplying and helping us with this information.