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Hello St. James,
 It's Tuesday, and I walked 25 km today. It was some beautiful scenery, with a challenging rock climb of sorts. 
I still have bad blister, but it's getting better. I made it to a pretty little town called Tabara. I was in LaGranja last night in a really nice place. I have relatively short hike tomorrow, 14 km. Finding places to stay is getting harder, but the Camino provide. Been meeting some wonderful people, Germans, Irish, English, and far. The spirit here on the Camino is inspiring. I pray to trust in God for whatever the next day brings. I pray for all of you as well. Keep me in your prayers. Peace, Fr. Bob
My bed tonight.
The Church in Tabara, where I am now
Medieval bridge
Last night's bed
The kitchen
After the bridge, mountain I had to climb
This is the sitting room in the kitchen
The pool and my laundry. It was a Casa Rual, built and run by a young man, who bought the place in the village where his grandparents still live. Named after him: Donde Victor Luna, wonderful guy
Basically, most of the way here


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