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2023 archive of Fr Bob on His Camino

2023 archive of Fr Bob on His Camino

Photos from the last 2 days

Posted by St. James Parish on 9/26/23

Hello St. James,    Sadly, this will most likely be the last message/pictures (unless I get all crazy and start taking pictures of train stations and airports).  You know the drill by now. These are of the place I'm staying at, and the area around it, and some night ... Read More »

End of the Camino

Posted by St James Church on 9/26/23

Hola St. James!  I'm coming to the end of my time here, I leave tomorrow. It is a bitter-sweet experience. I do, however, feel like it has all come to a conclusion. I gave Todd permission to punch me in the face if I even mention possibly doing this ... Read More »

More Santiago Pictures

Posted by St James Church on 9/25/23

Greetings St. James!   Still in Santiago. Still finding areas and places I haven't seen. I walked into the old city yesterday, from the Albergue (Seminario Menor), by a different route. I thought I remembered the area, but had time to spend before I could check into my next ... Read More »

The Roof Tour Photos

Posted by St. James Parish on 9/24/23

Bon Dia, Santiago (Gallego for Good Day, St. James),    As promised, these are the pictures of the roof and towers tour. Full disclosure: I didn't fall off AND I'm done walking up inclines and stairs ( there were A LOT of little 800 year old stairs to go ... Read More »

Pictures of Cathedral of St. James

Posted by St James Church on 9/23/23

Hello St. James,    Some pictures from inside the Cathedral of St. James. The first one is from the night tour, the rest are the "free ones" from this morning. Enjoy!           This is behind the Altar, the Star indicates that St. James' tomb is ... Read More »

Message about Santiago

Posted by St James Church on 9/23/23

Hello Parish of Santiago,   I think, for me, this will always be the quintessential Spanish city (at least in Galicia). There is the perfect mix of the Medieval old city, and a large cosmopolitan, modern city (even saw a burger king, NO...I didn't !). What I love about ... Read More »


Posted by St. James Parish on 9/22/23

Hello St. James,    I AM IN SANTIAGO!!! Saying it's extraordinary, just doesn't do it. I got here yesterday afternoon (Thurs 21st) and walked straight to the Cathedral. Once I got into the Old City, I was in crowds of Pilgrims and tourists. Then the Cathedral, I really don't ... Read More »

Pictures inside Cathedral of San Martin

Posted by St James Church on 9/21/23

Hola St. James,   As I said, a wonderful moment of serendipity, the Camino, God's spirit...led me into the Cathedral of San Martin, here in Ourense. All of these are pictures from inside.  Ps all the stuff that looks like gold...IT IS!     Got Fr. Robert a new chalice ... Read More »

Welcome to Ourense

Posted by St. James Parish on 9/20/23

Oiga Santiago!  These are just random pictures of Ourense (Or-ain-say). They don't really do it justice. The old city is breathtaking, fantastic, like you're on a movie set. Had a serendipitous/God moment today. I must have walked past the Cathedral of San Martin and the "small" church next to ... Read More »

The Road to Ourense

Posted by St. James Parish on 9/19/23

Holas Amigos!    It's Tues Sept 19th, and I am in the city of Ourense. The 23k walk here yesterday from Xunqueira was really nice, until the 9k stretch through an industrial zone, and city suburb (like walking through Queens, without anything cool), I thought it would never end, ... Read More »


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