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Welcome to Ourense

Oiga Santiago!
 These are just random pictures of Ourense (Or-ain-say). They don't really do it justice. The old city is breathtaking, fantastic, like you're on a movie set. Had a serendipitous/God moment today. I must have walked past the Cathedral of San Martin and the "small" church next to it (Santa Eufemia, I think, you'll see it, It's huge), at least a dozen times in the last two days, always both closed. Today, don't even know what time, walked past the Cathedral... AND, it was open. 7.50 Euro for a digital tour, it is really unbelievable. The next set of pictures (probably tomorrow) will be just the inside of the Cathedral. I leave for Santiago tomorrow. Can't wait. Peace, fb
One of my four walks over the Puente Romano
The Small Church
The Cathedral
 A Real Bed


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