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The Road to Ourense

Holas Amigos!
   It's Tues Sept 19th, and I am in the city of Ourense. The 23k walk here yesterday from Xunqueira was really nice, until the 9k stretch through an industrial zone, and city suburb (like walking through Queens, without anything cool), I thought it would never end, and, of course, it got really hot. The old city is where I am now (in a small Hotel), and it really is spectacular. I decided to stay here a couple of days. The Camino Sanabres has only 2 cities, Ourense and Santiago. The small city of Zamora, where I started, is on the Via de la Plata Camino (from Sevilla), which I walked on for 3 days before getting on the Sanabres. Ourense is the only city on this path with a train station, so this morning I walked down there and bought a ticket to Santiago (actually had to walk there twice, didn't bring my passport the first time...who knew). Ironically, the Camino goes right by it, even without officially walking it out of town, I still put in 10k today just to do that. Most people taking this route start here because it's just over 100k, the amount you need to get a Compostela (A certificate of completion). I already have 2, don't need another. SO...instead of 2 days in Santiago (beat up, and miserable) I'll have almost a week (and I'm already elated). I saw some pictures of the Cathedral in Santiago from a Pilgrim, and the additional tours you can get now look fantastic. I knew from the beginning there was a train here, so I had a feeling it might go this way. As I've been saying, when it all works out this smooth and almost effortlessly, I know it's not my will but His. Had an actual breakfast this morning! One morning last week was out of a weird vending machine. So, I'm good. My Camino and Journey is NOT over. Tomorrow I will sent a bunch of pictures of Ourense. Wait till you see this place. My good thoughts and prayers, fb
Road to Ourense


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