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Before I lose Wi Fi for a Couple of Days

Hola! St. James,
I can't tell you what a wonderful new element to this it has been to be connected to you. I did not have that before. I truly feel that I am bringing you with me. Thank You for that.
I had almost two full days in Sanabria. I was in the heart of the old town, so not too concerned about finding food, restaurant/cafes all around me. I was too early for dinner in this really pretty quirky little place call El Mal Madre (The bad mother), it was about 6:30pm and the nice boy told me 8. So I went back around 10 after 8 and it was packed. There were these two, older, very short, very round women also looking to eat. They looked almost the same, and I found out they were sisters, no kidding 4 1/2 ft, 5 tops. There was a high bench with stools that I didn't even know if we would be served there. We grab 3 stools, I had to help one of them to get up on it, they were hilarious. We made a little small talk, but really wanted a table. One opened up and they took, we finally ordered, so I didn't care. One of them asked from the table if I had been to Sanabria before. I said no, I was from N.Y., and I was a Pilgrim. They both started screaming "Buen Camino, Buen Camino!!!!" They made my day. 
  OK, back to my "no pizza rule". Had 2 absolutely terrible pizzas here early in my travels, microwave type stuff. Then in Finnisterre, an octopus restaurant WITH a pizza over, one of the best I ever had. So, the bad mother had pizzas. Tomato, two types of cheese (one cured and local),  mushrooms, caramelized onions, and pieces of dry cured beef on top. Awesome! Not really a "rule" anymore. The Town really was beautiful. So glad I stayed. I will follow with pictures. One more thing about Sanabria, it's the only town on the whole route that has a taxi. I decided to cut off 3 hard days and take the cab. The Hostal guy called the taxi and this morning I came to A Gudina. I had to tell, in case anyone noticed on the map that I went almost 60k in one day. It all was so easy and smooth, usually an indication that it's NOT me. So, I am way good with it. Tomorrow I walk to Campobecerros (20.3k). Keep me in your prayers, you are in mine. Enjoy the pictures of Sanabria. Peace, fb


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