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Que Taal St. James!
 Hope all is well at home. You are in my thought and prayers. I walked today from A'Gudina to Campobecerros, around 21k. Very beautiful walk this morning, mountain views all around, luckily I did not have to walk through them. Only a couple of villages, and one of them had water. While walking through the other, tiny village, I saw two women sitting on a low rock wall, off the path below me, thinking they were locals (didn't see any packs), about to walk by, I looked down, and it was my amigos from Germany. They said "We've been waiting for you!" Apparently, they have been following our website, and knew I took the taxi and would catch up to them. Then proceeded to tell me that the last two days were the worst! Mountains, swamps, rain, flies, oh my. One of them even said during it, "Oh my God, Bob would have died here". So, good move on my part. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile. The rest of the day got hot, and we did have go up mountain a bit, with a ridiculous descent into the town. I'm in the ONE place to sleep, waiting for the ONE place to eat to open. Apparently, I hijacked the WiFi from the bar (they gave me the password) even though it's up the block a ways. Tomorrow is a 14.5 walk to Laza, I hope it's easy. Be well. Pictures to follow. Peace, Fr. Bob. 


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