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On the Road Again !!!

Hello St. James!  A lot has happened since I last had WiFi. It's Monday Sept. 11. I'm in Puebla la de Sanabria, but back to that a little later. Stayed in nice Albergue in Tabara on Tues. Walked about 15 k, there was supposed to be a place to sleep, but it was closed. Two German women I walked with (Brigitte and Vera), were faster than me and I thought they were going farther, they were sitting outside the ONE bar in town. 10 k more to the next place to sleep. I couldn't do it. Brigitte's spanish was way better than mine. She asked the bartender lady what we could  do. She went over, yelled at her husband a bit, and he drove us, and refused money. The Camino provides. The next town had one place to sleep and is notoriously full. We got there earlier than most and got a bed. The big deal is the Church has the oldest Santiago statue known, Late 11th to early 12th century. It was what I wanted to see most beside the finished Cathedral in Santiago. All my worrying, and it all worked. We had dinner in the one bar, A pattern it seems. I don't had a shorter walk the next day, but didn't end up where I planned. That's the next message, Pictures to follow. Keep up the prayers, you are in mine. Peace fb


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