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On the Road....Day One

Fr. Bob here! Finished my first day. Not exactly what I planned. I had a pretty pleasant 18 km walk, to the town I planned to stay in. I actually got there around 1pm. I got mixed up with some conflicting directions. I ended up walking too far, and somehow missed the place to sleep. I walked to the next town (an 18 km walk, turned into a 31 km walk, one of my longest, got here at 5:00 pm). Bad blister, ran out of water, brown dirt paths with nothing around, signage not so good, no would think awful, right? Here's the thing: I'm in a wonderful Pilgrim dormitory, run by volunteers. The "Hospitilera" made me dinner AND fixed my blister, and they both helped with my laundry, Oh, and I'm here by myself! There are 2 volunteers, and they live here (the tiny town sponsors the "Albergue"). These places are called "donativo", that means you give what want, which means they sometimes get nothing, or 1 euro (don't worry I already put a 20 euro in their box). Also, when I first got here, I couldn't find it. A nice lady in the neighborhood walked me right to it and negotiated my entrance (she found me in front of the Church drinking out of the hose, and took my water bottle into her house, she didn't think the hose water was very good). The very, long way around point I'm trying to make is pretty simple: God brought me here to experience their spirit and hospitality. I just wish it didn't hurt so much.


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