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On the Road...Day One-Part 2 with photos

Hey St. James, wanted to follow-up my message from yesterday, in case I'm not in touch right away. A Pilgrim Albergue usually has a one night rule, and they are very strict about it. Turns out, my blister was pretty bad, even after treatment (which involved needles to drain and inject what I think was iodine, I don't know, but it hurt!)
Being today is Sunday and most things are closed, I asked if it was possible to stay tonight. Paco and Angela ( the volunteer hosts) immediately said yes. (I think they thought I should stay, but were hesitant to tell me). They said it was a good idea, I was thrilled. It has been a great day of rest and hospitality. 2 more Pilgrims showed up, one from Italy, one from Poland (me and the Polish guy were the only ones who speak English). So, I am blessed. Keep up your prayers. I carry you with me. They were pretty excited when I told them my Parish sent me, that it was St. James and that I was a Priest there (we were walking the dog (Diva) and talking about names, and what we're called and I said, "at work I'm Padre Bob", they seemed moved by that. So now we have 2 people from Spain (so far) praying for our Parish. Peace, fb 
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