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The Road to Camino de Sanabres

Hi St. James, 
  It's Saturday Sept 16th, but I haven't had WiFi, and may not for another day or two. This route, Camino de Sanabres, is a bit more rural than I anticipated, but it is beautiful too.  So, I'm going to write some messages (with pictures) to catch you up to me and will send them when I'm back online (the Xunta/Municipal Albergues ordinarily don't have free WiFi). Meeting up with ladies again in Campobecerros was wonderful, late lunch guessed it, the ONE bar in town. I left a little later in the morning (8am), so I walked alone. An almost perfect walk to Laza. 14.5. Beautiful landscape, cool air, and a gradual decent pretty much the whole way. Dare I say it was actually enjoyable. Little bigger of a town, but the same kind of set-up.  A couple of main roads with the Camino being a smaller road running through them. The Xunta Albergue was a little out of town, up a hill (of course). I went into a kind of welcome center/shop, and they directed me next store to the Civil Guard office, which distributes the keys for the Albergue, had my FIRST magnum ice cream bar from the shop (it's A Camino-thing for me). When I got there, the German ladies and French lady were already there. I ran into them in town later (everything was spread out and I couldn't find anything), and that told me there was a restaurant on the main road serving Pulpo. They also said they found a market (already closed), and bought the fixings for a Pasta dinner. Of course, I went and ate octopus. Dinner was excellent, especially the company and fraternity. A French bike pilgrim came, and joined us for dinner, and the ladies were amused to tell me that they put another person in MY room (thought I'd be alone, the bike guy was in another "compartment" of rooms), A young German girl, Julia...turned out to be lovely, and didn't snore. There was rain, thunder and lightening all night. In the morning (full disclosure) me, Birgit, and Julia took a taxi to Vilar de Barrio (20k). Humbling/embarrassing that 4-5 hrs walking, at least,  took 20 minutes in the van. Vera and Marie walked. What a totally fantastic day. Crummy weather, but sooooo relaxing; multiple coffees in the morning, nice lunch, food for dinner in the market (about to close) just about perfect. Tomorrow I WALK no matter what, 14.5 k to Xunqueira de Ambia. The walking part of this is coming to an end soon, but more on that later. Mis You. Peace, fb  Enjoy the pics


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