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Hello St. James, 
 I still have no WiFi, but am writing these so can send them when I do. I want to tell you a little about Galicia. It is a large region in the North West corner of Spain, Santiago de Compestela is its Capital. Its roots are Celtic. The language is Gallego (Gaelic, Portuguese, and Spanish). It is a lush and green region because of all the rain (which, I think, I'll be walking in tomorrow). Each region in Spain has its own character, but Galicia is a unique region in itself. The food changes, cows instead of pigs or sheep (which means the types of cheese change), mountains, green forests, eucalyptus groves brought from Australia over 100 years ago, the music is more Celtic than Spanish, and the people... probably the most friendly. Also, having Santiago as it's Capital, it is the strongest of all the regions regarding the Camino, the people here are not only hyper-aware of it, they support it wholeheartedly, and excitingly. Just from the places they build for us to stay, you can see what it means to them. The Camino has also been a tremendous boon to their economy, and they are grateful. I will spending a couple of days in Ourense, the Capital of its district. Then on to Santiago. I am so excited to be in Galicia, and look forward to showing you more of it. My thoughts and prayers. Peace, FB.  Pictures to follow


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