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The walk to Xunqueira de Ambia

Hello St. James!!!   It's Sunday Sept 17th
The walk today to Xunqueira de Ambia was extremely windy, but didn't rain until this afternoon. It still was a pretty lovely walk, as you'll see. Only 15k today, so took my time. Even found a bar open for Coffee. 8:00 am and a bunch of men were in there drinking coffee and shots. Then I saw a bunch of small trucks, pulling little animal carriers... DOGS (which I heard all night). They were hunters, I saw some of their trucks during the day. I had some snacks to eat for breakfast, and a very pleasant walk. There was a very steep decent into town, rock climbing again, but was short and done ( the guidebooks warn of the danger doing it when it is wet). The Albergue was right off the Camino before town. They are starting to all look the same. AND, even though the 3 ladies were waiting for me, 8 or 9 more Pilgrims came since me. I think its going to be hard to sleep tonight. On Sundays here EVERYTHING is closed, but we heard of a Pension/bar serving food. I went into town with Birgit and Vera, and the place was across from the Church, which was OPEN. Mass was just finishing, got the final blessing, took some pictures, and still got to the bar before they stopped serving. Wonderful lunch, menu del dia, but a really good one (A giant salad, fried hake and chips, A drink and flan, 12 Euros). Tonight, not much. I'll tell you more about it in the next message, but I think this is my last Albergue. With the BIG crowd here tonight, I do not feel bad about that at all. Keep praying. Pictures to follow. Peace, fb


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