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Fr Bob on His Camino

Fr Bob on His Camino

Photos from Sanabria

Posted by St. James Parish on 9/13/23

Top of the hill, civic center of sorts

The Church

Castle, 15th century, I think

By the Castle

By the Castle

mmm mmm mmm

I don't even know

Before I lose Wi Fi for a Couple of Days

Posted by St. James Parish on 9/13/23

Hola! St. James, I can't tell you what a wonderful new element to this it has been to be connected to you. I did not have that before. I truly feel that I am bringing you with me. Thank You for that. I had almost two full days in ... Read More »

More Photos- Click to Open

Posted by St. James Parish on 9/13/23

The road to Sanabria

Nuff Said

Sanabria, on the hill

Up toward the Church

Outside my Hostal

Just one of the streets that run through town

My hostal, Hostal Tribal

My room... Next Message and photos: food, the Church and the Castle!

Moving Along

Posted by St. James Parish on 9/13/23

Hello St. James,   It's Wed Sept 13th, I'm in A' Gudina, but I want to catch you up on the last couple of days. Monday morning I took my time, I was in no hurry. I had a 14.5k walk to Puebla de Sanabria. The largest town since ... Read More »

Pix on the Road to Asturianos- Click to open

Posted by St. James Parish on 9/13/23

This is a Crucifix in front of a Church, with St. James right under Jesus...only in Spain

Albergue de Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion

The Sports Center (still don't get it)

The road

The Church of Our Lady of the Annuciation

The road to Asturianos

Sheep Camino, they're even following the ... Read More »

Almost Caught Up.....

Posted by St. James Parish on 9/13/23

HELLO ST. JAMES,    On Sat. the 10th, I walked to Asturianos (16.9k). The walk was actually quite lovely; perfect walking weather, nice landscapes, and a number of small village's to go through (that, at least, had water). For the the first 3 1/2 k an elderly gentleman with ... Read More »

Pix on The Road to Mombuey- Click to Open

Posted by St. James Parish on 9/12/23

The road to Mombuey, the 2 Frenchman ahead of me, really nice guys.


Met the Frenchman and Jan at the bar in Mombuey, they were going. I sat down and ate breakfast in my new favorite place

The Church I got 2 tours of         ... Read More »

Moving on

Posted by St James Church on 9/12/23

Hello St. James,    Left off leaving Rionegro. Saturday the 9th. Short walk today, putting Mombuey and the next town together was too far for me (26k). Mombuey was a larger town, most of the services on the main road, but when you went into the old village part, ... Read More »

September 9th Photos- click to Open Photos

Posted by St James Church on 9/12/23

The road along the Rionegro river

The dam


The Church in Farfon, where the man "huffed" at me

Albergue Rehoboth, Villar de Farfon

The bedroom at Rehoboth

The road to Rionegro de Puente

Albergue de Virgen de Carballeda, restored Medieval Albergue

The ... Read More »

September 9th

Posted by St James Church on 9/12/23

Hola! St. James,   On Friday September 9, really pretty walk along a canal to Rionegro de Puente. Had to walk over a dam, beautiful. One LITTLE village on the way, Villar de Farfon. Only 3 residents. I briefly met two, an old couple sitting in chairs on the ... Read More »


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