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Fr Bob on His Camino

Fr Bob on His Camino

Calzadilla de Tera Photos

Posted by St James Church on 9/12/23

On the way to Calzadilla

The Albergue. Walk in, stamp your own credential, and pay-as-you-exit (like the Little Rascals)

The playground

My private Albergue, and my bed. Had to switch to the left, because the window by this bed was broken.

Basically, the town

The Church (they're usually ... Read More »

Calzadilla de Tera

Posted by St James Church on 9/12/23

Hello St. James,     I will continue to try to catch you up to where I am now. Thursday Sept. 7th I left Santa Marta, and said goodbye to my German friends (might see them again, as I hope to jump ahead a bit if I can). Full disclosure: ... Read More »

Photos as Promised

Posted by St. James Parish on 9/11/23

This is where we stayed

My bed

The Inside

Brigitte and Vera, from Frankfurt, Germany

The Church of Santa Marta.

This is what is was like earlier in the day (don't worry some lush countryside to come)

Santa Marta de Terra

Reproduction of ... Read More »

On the Road Again !!!

Posted by St. James Parish on 9/11/23

Hello St. James!  A lot has happened since I last had WiFi. It's Monday Sept. 11. I'm in Puebla la de Sanabria, but back to that a little later. Stayed in nice Albergue in Tabara on Tues. Walked about 15 k, there was supposed to be a place to ... Read More »

Some photos from Mombuey

Posted by St. James Parish on 9/10/23

So, here's some pictures of just today but I will catch you up in a few.





   The nice lady gave me the password to the WI-FI


Catching Up....

Posted by St. James Parish on 9/09/23

Hello St. James, I am doing well. This is a bit more of a trauma on my body than I thought. I'm in a town called Mombuey. Haven't had WiFi (WeeFee here) for a few days. I will be in a place in two days where I will have ... Read More »

Back on the Road

Posted by St. James Parish on 9/05/23

Hello St. James,  It's Tuesday, and I walked 25 km today. It was some beautiful scenery, with a challenging rock climb of sorts.  I still have bad blister, but it's getting better. I made it to a pretty little town called Tabara. I was in LaGranja last night in ... Read More »

On the Road...Day One-Part 2 with photos

Posted by St James Church on 9/03/23

Hey St. James, wanted to follow-up my message from yesterday, in case I'm not in touch right away. A Pilgrim Albergue usually has a one night rule, and they are very strict about it. Turns out, my blister was pretty bad, even after treatment (which involved needles to drain ... Read More »

Photos from On the Road Day One

Posted by St. James Parish on 9/03/23


Church built on on a rock mountain 


One of the GOOD signs 

This was pretty much it, most of the day (I did said 31 k, right?)

Last really pleasant moment for the day, until I got here. I had breakfast here (plums, nuts, ... Read More »

On the Road....Day One

Posted by St. James Parish on 9/03/23

Fr. Bob here! Finished my first day. Not exactly what I planned. I had a pretty pleasant 18 km walk, to the town I planned to stay in. I actually got there around 1pm. I got mixed up with some conflicting directions. I ended up walking too far, and ... Read More »


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