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Fr Bob on His Camino

Fr Bob on His Camino

Camino Markers- How I find my way

Posted by St. James Parish on 9/19/23

Hola! Santiago!   I'm in Ourense after a long 23k walk. Before I get to that, show you around this spectacular city, and get you caught up on my plans, I want to share some unique Camino Markers with you. There's an artist in Galicia who makes Camino Markers ... Read More »

The Road to Xunqueira de Ambia- In Pictures

Posted by St. James Parish on 9/18/23

The walk to Xunqueira

Very cool part of the path today

The Church


Inside, St. James to the right







La Peligrina, Mother Mary as a Pilgrim



St. James, outside on a random building


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The walk to Xunqueira de Ambia

Posted by St. James Parish on 9/18/23

Hello St. James!!!   It's Sunday Sept 17th The walk today to Xunqueira de Ambia was extremely windy, but didn't rain until this afternoon. It still was a pretty lovely walk, as you'll see. Only 15k today, so took my time. Even found a bar open for Coffee. 8:00 am ... Read More »

Photos from Vilar de Barrio

Posted by St. James Parish on 9/18/23


The Church of San Fiz, don't worry, I don't know who he is either.


Our dinner from the market The Albergue had a nice kitchen, with NO accessories, the paper towels were our plates

              Town Center (again)

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The Vilar de Barrio

Posted by St. James Parish on 9/18/23

Hola! St.James,   It's Sunday Sept 17th and I'm in Xunqueira de Ambia (about 15k from Vilar de Barrio, which I walked today). Got here before the rain, around 12:30 pm or so. Left off with you in Vilar de Barrio yesterday. Julia left to walk to the next town ... Read More »

Photos from last 2 emails all together- click to enjoy

Posted by St. James Parish on 9/17/23

   In front of the Albergue tonight

Morning in Galicia

The road to Laza

The path on the other side IS the Camino

Typical Town Square in a small town

A picnic area for Pilgrims (the region before didn't even have a bench, or water.

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The Road to Camino de Sanabres

Posted by St. James Parish on 9/17/23

Hi St. James,    It's Saturday Sept 16th, but I haven't had WiFi, and may not for another day or two. This route, Camino de Sanabres, is a bit more rural than I anticipated, but it is beautiful too.  So, I'm going to write some messages (with pictures) to ... Read More »

The Road Warrior Travels on

Posted by St. James Parish on 9/17/23

Hello St. James,   I still have no WiFi, but am writing these so can send them when I do. I want to tell you a little about Galicia. It is a large region in the North West corner of Spain, Santiago de Compestela is its Capital. Its roots are ... Read More »

Campobecerros Photos

Posted by St James Church on 9/14/23

Just thought this was beautiful this morning. Oh, I am now in the region of Galicia.

Doesn't do it justice

Vera and Brigitte

From the top

WHY would you put a swing up here!!?? We walked for 45 minutes, STRAIGHT UP. WHY?


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Posted by St James Church on 9/14/23

Que Taal St. James!  Hope all is well at home. You are in my thought and prayers. I walked today from A'Gudina to Campobecerros, around 21k. Very beautiful walk this morning, mountain views all around, luckily I did not have to walk through them. Only a couple of villages, ... Read More »


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